Friday, February 18, 2011

Relationships Matter: LinkedIn

Relationships Matter: this is the slogan and philosophy for the social networking site, LinkedIn. Unlike other popular social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, LinkedIn is geared towards professionals and job seekers.

The terminology that the site uses reflects it's professional appeal, using connections as their term for linking to another member instead of friend.

If you are new to LinkedIn they have an expansive learning center to get the most out of the site as well as an easy to follow three step new user starter guide.

For those that already have an account, LinkedIn offers other user guides that can be used to maximize it specifically for job seekers, business development, and a user guide video for students, among others.

SUNY Geneseo Alumni Association does have an official LinkedIn group, making it easier to make connections and stay in touch with other Geneseo Alumni. 

Another great resource for newcomers and those who already have an account but are still looking for tips is 100+ Smart Ways to Use LinkedIn as well as LinkedIn's official blog, which offers advanced tips and relevant posts for LinkedIn users.

LinkedIn is also a great way to market and network for small businesses which is exemplified in this video tutorial with tips specifically for small business owners.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Glenn Caron's Geneseo Medal of Distinction: reflections on his accomplishment by Patricia Arquette, Bruce Willis and others

Glenn Caron.jpg

The Geneseo Alumni Relations Office wants to congratulate Glenn Caron '75 on receiving the first ever Geneseo Medal of Distinction award this past weekend at our Alumni and Parent Event in New York City.

A fantastic video was created chronicling Glenn's life and achievements while at Geneseo and his professional career. and includes a personal congratulations from Patricia Arquette the star of his hit show, Medium, and also features Bruce Willis and other producers and actors that Caron has worked with.

The video also includes exclusive footage from his 1987 Geneseo Commencement speech, and was presented for the first time at the Geneseo alumni event in NYC.

Due to some inclement weather Caron was not physically present to receive his award, but was able to  accept it virtually through a Skype video conference, prompting him to exclaim, "Its so much lighter than I thought it would be!" to great laughter from the crowd.

We speak on behalf of all Geneseo alumni when we say congratulations, Glenn, on your latest and continued success!

The Geneseo Alumni Relations Office

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Geneseo Alumni social media directory - what is it?

There are so many social media resources on the web that figuring out which ones are there, much less are relevant to you, can be daunting. Do you often wonder which website will be most helpful when you want to search for something or someone? We hope we can help, with a hand-picked list of social media links related to SUNY Geneseo. We call it the Social Media Directory - check it out.

The Alumni Office is trying to make it ever easier to find the groups and people you need to online, and with that goal we have compiled a list of social media groups, divided by type of social media, for your easy reference. This directory is a central place to find both official Geneseo social media channels and unofficial online resources having to do with Geneseo.

The directory features Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Flickr links to sports teams, Greek organizations, school clubs and others.

If you have any groups you would like to see added to the page, please email and let us know which group, and for which website you would like us to add to.  We appreciate all feedback and suggestions on how we can continue to improve our online alumni offerings!

Friday, February 4, 2011

How U-Knight has changed Class Notes

I. How have class notes changed now that U-Knight is here?
  1. U-Knight is now the preferred method to both submit and view class notes. We will still accept submissions through e-mail and phone call, but prefer you use U-Knight so that your update is shared with the most people as quickly as possible. So make sure you've signed up for U-Knight to able to take advantage of these new features, which you can do here
  2. We include class notes in The Scene, which is published three times a year. However, space is limited and only marriages, births & adoptions, new degrees and career news usually fit in print. Luckily, U-Knight lets everyone's notes appear online for everyone to see.
  3. Being a U-Knight member will let you see class note updates as soon as they are submitted on the U-Knight 'My Page'. Why wait until the next Scene to read and share when you can get updates live?

II. Submitting Class Notes:

First choose a category:
  • Careers News
  • Births & adoptions
  • Marriages & Commitments
  • Catching UP
  • Educational News
  • General
Include a picture if you like by clicking browse and selecting a photo. Once you've filled in the required fields, you'll see a sample of what your class note will look like. You can edit this before submitting the final wording. Check the box to give us permission to reprint the note online and in print, and submit!

Note: In Memorium notes cannot be submitted through U-Knight. For alumni who have passed on,  please email or call (585) 245-5506.

This section is organized first by the most recent class notes posted and then by the type of class note, so if you want to see just weddings, for example, just scroll down a bit to see them grouped together. If a class note includes a photo it will have a camera icon to the right of the note - clicking on this will bring up the picture. 
You can also receive class immediately without even visiting U-Knight by subscribing to the class notes RSS Feed - use this site if you are unfamiliar with RSS Feeds and want to learn more.

As always please let us know if you have questions!