Monday, March 28, 2011

Externship Reflections: Jennifer Eckl '11

This week we are going to profile two student guest bloggers who participated in the Externship program in New York City over spring break. First up is Jennifer Eckl!

My name is Jennifer Eckl, and I am one of sixteen Geneseo students who took part in the 2011 Externship Program.

I first heard about the program from a professor who referenced this "hidden gem" during a class in the fall semester. The program sounded like a fantastic opportunity, and as a senior communication major interested in advertising, I was thrilled to learn that the program's destination this year was New York City.

On Saturday, March 12, I arrived at Penn Station, fumbling with luggage and terrified that I would be separated from the group and swept away in the crowds. I spent the first night discreetly clinging to the hoods on other externs' coats to avoid becoming lost on the streets of Manhattan.

On Friday, March 18, I returned to the same platform I had arrived at one week earlier, but I had changed. Both my career goals and my life goals were different. I was confident, self-assured and ready to face
graduation and the challenges that lay ahead.

Throughout our week in New York, my fellow externs and I networked with professionals, received important advice from alumni, experienced different corporate cultures and became skilled at navigating the
city. We learned about transitions, resumes and networking. We learned about ourselves, and what we want to pursue in our professional and personal lives as we approach the next phase of our lives.

As a group, we visited Time Inc., the New York Stock Exchange, the New York County Criminal Courthouse , Aeropostale, the Recording Academy, and  Neuberger Berman.We also completed "individual
visits," which gave us the opportunity to speak to alumni in our desired career field. I was able to interview an alumnus who maintains a successful career with an impressive advertising agency, and I have
already implemented some of his invaluable suggestions into my job search.

Finally, I learned that the generosity of Geneseo alumni is limitless. They devoted a great deal of time and effort to designing engaging presentations, developing interesting tours, answering our questions, and teaching us how to foster successful careers. I am very grateful for the kindness of the alumni, and I know that I will continue to have this supportive network after I graduate. The externship program has helped me to improve my professional presence and has given me confidence in myself, and I look forward to helping future students in the way alumni have helped me.

For more information on how you can participate in future externships as an alum, visit the externship website or contact Michelle Worden at or 585.245.5506.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Meet the Alumni Team: Michelle Worden

Associate Director of Alumni Relations

What does that really mean? "She who does a little bit of everything!" says Michelle Worden, Geneseo Class of '92. Michelle graduated with a History degree, and went on to work at the Genesee Country Museum in Mumford for sixteen years before coming back to Geneseo to be part of the Alumni Relations Team. "I wanted to come back to the place I went to school, and so loved" Michelle says. 

As Associate Director of Alumni Relations Michelle has many opportunities to do what she loves - plan. Whether it is planning regional events, or group trips, Michelle enjoys working with the Alumni Relations Team to bring students and Alumni together. Michelle is staff lead in working with the 50th anniversary class to plan their reunion, as well collaborating with the Alumni Team for the many and varied regional events taking place on a daily basis. Additionally Michelle coordinates Knightline, the electronic Alumni newsletter, and coordinates the Awards Program for Geneseo. This program is an opportunity for alumni to nominate notable classmates for achievements they have made. If you are interested in viewing past recipients of the awards, or making a nomination please go to the award webpage to see more information. 

A major part of Michelle's job is organizing the Externship Program. This is a program for undergraduate students to have an opportunity to meet, network and learn about career possibilities from Alumni in major cities. The program location is on a three year rotation between Boston, New York City, and Washington DC.  This year 16 students are headed to New York City for a week!

Michelle is also in charge of launching the newest program for alumni - a travel program to Siena, Italy! The trip will take place in August and is open to all alumni, as well as parents of current Geneseo students. For more information check out the trip's webpage or email 

Michelle's favorite part of her job is meeting alumni from all over, who are doing all sorts of different things. She says it is so inspirational to meet these people, and know that they all share a common bond over their alma mater. She says "We all have this in common, our love for this place."

When not facilitating alumni events and travel, Michelle enjoys traveling with family and friends, reading, working out, and occasionally golfing. 

We hope you enjoyed getting to know a member of the Alumni Team! Look for our next staff profile soon. 

The Alumni Team

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Career Services: Serving you as an Alumnus

So after you graduate from Geneseo, you might think Career Services doesn't apply to you any longer. However, as an alumnus, you may still be searching for your first job, looking for a new job, or maybe even hoping to find that perfect job. Career Services has an entire set of resources for alumni to use.

For starters, give us a call!
Whether you are near or far from Geneseo, you can still make an appointment with a career counselor.  The career counselors offer individual 45 minute phone appointments, as well as working through email to help with resumes, cover letters and personal statements.  Call (585) 245-5721 to set up an appointment.

Looking to move into a new job field and wonder where to start? 
If you need to reassess what career is right for you, Career Services has the perfect tool to use.

This tool assesses a broad range of your personal interests to see what fields you may be compatible with. It presents results separated into 4 basic areas:
  1. General Occupational Themes - indicates your preferred work environments
  2. Basic Interest Scales - identifies your specific areas of interest
  3. Occupational Scales - explains your interests in relation to job satisfaction
  4. Personal Style Scales - describes your preferred styles for many work related activities
You can submit contact requests to alumni in fields that interest you, and when you speak with them, you can explore career options, internships, or even graduate school, as well as other job search advice they have to offer.

Looking to find your first job? 
If you're an alum and are working on landing a great job right from the start, there are some great online resources to make your search easy.

1. Career Assessment FOCUS
This tool is a series of online “tests” that ask you to answer questions about yourself and your interests. After completing the questions, you have a personal career portfolio that helps you utilize related job search websites in ways that are relevant to your portfolio. 

2. Effective Job Search Strategies: An Overview
This link is a step by step process that will offer you helpful, straightforward, advice for finding any type of job.

Are you curious to see what other alumni have done with their majors and careers?
This Class of 2009 follow up information can be viewed in table format and is broken up by degree type and academic department to make your search easy.

These helpful links are divided by major, as well as general industry area.

Best of luck in the job search! 

The Alumni Team