Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Career Services: Serving you as an Alumnus

So after you graduate from Geneseo, you might think Career Services doesn't apply to you any longer. However, as an alumnus, you may still be searching for your first job, looking for a new job, or maybe even hoping to find that perfect job. Career Services has an entire set of resources for alumni to use.

For starters, give us a call!
Whether you are near or far from Geneseo, you can still make an appointment with a career counselor.  The career counselors offer individual 45 minute phone appointments, as well as working through email to help with resumes, cover letters and personal statements.  Call (585) 245-5721 to set up an appointment.

Looking to move into a new job field and wonder where to start? 
If you need to reassess what career is right for you, Career Services has the perfect tool to use.

This tool assesses a broad range of your personal interests to see what fields you may be compatible with. It presents results separated into 4 basic areas:
  1. General Occupational Themes - indicates your preferred work environments
  2. Basic Interest Scales - identifies your specific areas of interest
  3. Occupational Scales - explains your interests in relation to job satisfaction
  4. Personal Style Scales - describes your preferred styles for many work related activities
You can submit contact requests to alumni in fields that interest you, and when you speak with them, you can explore career options, internships, or even graduate school, as well as other job search advice they have to offer.

Looking to find your first job? 
If you're an alum and are working on landing a great job right from the start, there are some great online resources to make your search easy.

1. Career Assessment FOCUS
This tool is a series of online “tests” that ask you to answer questions about yourself and your interests. After completing the questions, you have a personal career portfolio that helps you utilize related job search websites in ways that are relevant to your portfolio. 

2. Effective Job Search Strategies: An Overview
This link is a step by step process that will offer you helpful, straightforward, advice for finding any type of job.

Are you curious to see what other alumni have done with their majors and careers?
This Class of 2009 follow up information can be viewed in table format and is broken up by degree type and academic department to make your search easy.

These helpful links are divided by major, as well as general industry area.

Best of luck in the job search! 

The Alumni Team


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