Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Managing Your Profile

Your privacy is important, which is why you can always hide or unhide information on your U-Knight profile.

Some information is visible or hidden by default:
  • Your home address is visible
  • Preferred Geneseo class year is visible 
  • Your phone number is hidden
  • Professional position, company name and address are visible
  • Your professional phone number and fax number are hidden
  • Email, both home and professional are masked
What is a masked email?
Community members can email you blindly; they will not see your actual address unless you respond to them. This also keeps user's emails off marketing lists.  You can elect to hide your email, once hidden, community members will not be able to contact you at all.

Hiding/Unhiding tips and tools:
    • It is important that you hide or unhide information rather than delete important record details, if you hide something no one else but you and the U-Knight administrators can see it.
    • If you change any of your settings you must scroll down to the bottom of the hide or unhide information page and click the update preferences button for any changes to take effect.
    • You always have the option to hide your entire profile by checking hide my profile from public view under online directory consent.
    As always, thanks for reading!
    The Geneseo Alumni Team


    1. Is there any way to change my user ID? Or at least my email? There's no way to know when you signup for a username (login ID) that it will also be your email address. I don't necessarily want everyone knowing the login ID I use everywhere by giving them my email....

    2. This is inconvenient, to be sure - the good news is that you CAN change your permanent email. The bad news is that you have to let us know you want it changed and give us a new name, because that function isn't available for alums yet - though we are pushing the developers to make it happen.

      Simply shoot an email to letting us know your email change and we'll update it for you.