Wednesday, November 16, 2011

An Improved Alumni Website

Some new changes have been made to the Alumni website that we hope will make it easier to keep connected to old friends and updated on Geneseo news - take a look!

Social Media Page
The biggest improvement is the new Alumni Social Media page, which has replaced the social media directory. This new design includes live streams of what is happening on our Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube channels in real-time, and still includes a detailed list of all the Geneseo Alumni social media around the web!

Home Page
The home page has had a some improvements as well. The new components are aimed at making the Alumni home page a one stop spot for all of your alumni information. Here is the new home page, let's break down the new features.

The Upcoming Alumni Events feed has been improved to include event dates and more detail, and  Latest Alumni Blog Posts makes sure that you have the latest news about alumni programs and U-Knight readily available at all times so you can easily get to content like the story you are reading now!

The smallest but potentially most useful improvement is the addition on every alumni web page of a social media shortcut bar.  Our Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, LinkedIn, Blog, and YouTube pages are now just a click away.

The U-Knight Quick Links section isn't a new feature but it bears mention here, since it allows you to find other alumni, jobs, and job seekers, register for alumni events, and easily do a number of other useful tasks like promoting your business and getting a Geneseo email address.

All of these new improvements and additions were made in the hopes of making your experience with the Geneseo alumni website as convenient as possible. Please let us know what you think and stay tuned for even more exciting changes in the future!

-The Geneseo Alumni Team

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