Wednesday, December 7, 2011

New Social Media Projects

Two new social media endeavors are currently being incorporated into the Geneseo Alumni Team’s social media outlets:

Facebook Yearbook Photos

With our first project, the release of past yearbook photos, it is our hope to completely digitize all yearbooks from SUNY Geneseo’s past.  Currently, one photo from our entire yearbook collection is being released each weekday in hopes of creating conversation about past events and fun activities that happened here in Geneseo.  It is our plan to eventually include every yearbook so we are presently taking requests for any specific year, club, sport, or event that our alumni want to see up on our Facebook!


Our second project is the inclusion of the social media tool, Storify.  Storify is a great way to create neat and orderly timelines of any event.  Creating these timelines is easy and can be done in both the professional and personal setting.  Storify allows you to drag and drop tweets, posts from Facebook and many other social media sites, Flickr photos and even online videos from sites such as YouTube.  The site was just recently made public in April 2011 and has even been used by the White House to cover important news. The Alumni Team has been working hard to incorporate Storify into our list of social media tools. A Storify was created to remember Bill Edgar and the many thoughts and wishes people sent to his family. A Reunion 2011 Storify is also available with a compilation of all of the great comments, tweets, photos and videos from the 2011 Summer Reunion.

With these new social media projects, it is our hope to continue to keep our Geneseo alumni informed and involved in all that is both currently happening on campus and what occurred in past years!

Thanks for reading and we will see you in 2012!

-The Geneseo Alumni Team

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