Thursday, February 2, 2012

Meet the Alumni Team: Megan Cheever '03

Alumni Outreach Coordinator of Alumni Relations

As the Alumni Outreach Coordinator of Alumni Relations Megan Cheever, '03, is the newest member of the Alumni Relations team.  She works on encouraging alumni of SUNY Geneseo to remain active with the University.  Megan creates a number of opportunities for alumni to attend regional events, volunteer and be actively involved in the continued success of the university and its students.  She also works directly with the Regional Program designed specifically for alumni.

Megan graduated from Geneseo in 2003 with a Bachelors of Science in Communication and English.  She began working here at SUNY Geneseo as the Assistant Director of The Fund for Geneseo.  For almost three years, Megan oversaw the Phonathon Program and the Senior Challenge Initiative.  She spent her next five years as both a fundraiser and as an alumni relations professional at The Rochester Institute of Technology.  While there, Megan worked for three years as the Assistant Director for The Saunders College of Business—raising and managing money for scholarships, planning events and working with alumni boards.  She was then promoted and worked with the Alumni Relations Chapters Team where she managed regional events for RIT.  While holding this position, Megan says she, “saw amazing places and met amazing people, and it was truly rewarding.”  After working at RIT, Megan began her current position at SUNY Geneseo on November 1st, 2011.

Once an undergraduate student here at SUNY Geneseo, Megan remembers her time at Geneseo fondly.  She says her favorite thing about Geneseo as that “Geneseo feeling.”  Megan describes this feeling as, “the friendliness from everyone you walk by on campus, the warm welcome from every business in the village and just how at peace I feel walking down Main Street every day.”  She says those feelings have not changed since her time as a student and attributes Geneseo as the reason she has become the successful person she is today.

While Megan is certainly kept busy with all of her duties in the office, she still enjoys keeping active outside of work.  She enjoys practicing yoga, going out to movies, reading and traveling during her spare time.  Traveling is also something that Megan has the opportunity to do while working with our Regional Program.  Within this program, she works to build a strong regional presence for SUNY Geneseo in the most populated cities across the country.  Megan says that she is, “thrilled to be able to play a part in all the Geneseo has to offer to our alumni.”

Looking at the year ahead, Megan is eager to work on many regional events, traveling to different cities and meeting with Geneseo alumni.  Megan says that, “everyone has such a great story to tell about their time in school and I can’t wait to hear all of them!”

We hope you will join us in welcoming our newest member of the Alumni Team!

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