Friday, February 10, 2012

Sharing your sweethearts--through Tweethearts!

Do you and your loved one share the common bond of meeting in or attending Geneseo as a student?  Whether it began as a friendship that turned into your life-long love or it was love at first sight, we would love to hear your stories!  In the past, this campaign celebrated the thousands of alumni couples whose love or friendship began during their Geneseo years; however, this year, the campaign has extended to all alumni who would like to share what they love most about Geneseo and their experience here.  Everyone can share their stories via the Geneseo Alumni Facebook Page or on Twitter by using hashtag #GeneseoTweethearts.  After sharing your story, head to to make a gift in honor of your loved one or your love of Geneseo! This donation will help support the growth and success of both Geneseo and our students!

Back on campus, a number of Valentine's Day related events are scheduled for the week leading up to February 14th.  There will be a Geneseo late Knight Slam Poet event on February 10th, which will feature poet Sierra Demulder.  From February 9th-11th, the Womyn's Action Coalition (WAC) will be sponsoring a production of the Vagina Monologues.  The brothers of Alpha Phi Omega are also sponsoring Valentine's Day card making that will be sent to active soldiers overseas.  

We hope to see everyone out to participate in these Valentine's Day events and don't forget to share your Geneseo love stories on Twitter, using the hashtag #GeneseoTweethearts!

The Geneseo Alumni Team

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